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Until 1923, the main area known as Solana Beach used to be called Lockwood Mesa.  The area first was settled by the George H. Jones’s family in 1886. Lake Hodges Dam was built in 1917, and the area encompassing Solana Beach began to grow very fast. The building of the 12,000 acre.

Santa Fe Irrigation District in 1918 was assurance that the area from Rancho Santa Fe through Solana Beach would prosper and grow. The coast between Solana Beach to Oceanside began to grow rapidly in the early 1920s. In 1922 Colonel Ed Fletcher, an early neighborhood leader and developer, purchased 140 acres at $20 per acre from farmer George H. Jones to build the town of Solana Beach, with the help of his brother in law Eugene Batchelder.

To go into the beach, they incredibly used water pressure to erode away tons of earthand make the Fletcher Cove entry  and beach. This took one man three months with a fire hose, using water that was coming over at Lake Hodges Dam. The beach was opened with great success including the horse races on the beach on July 4, 1925.

New Encinitas is a newer region which features a first class golf course, larger tract homes and many shopping centers.

The community grew slowly, but steadily throughout the next ten 100 years, with especially booms occurring in the decade after World War II and a real estate boom in the last quarter of the 20Th century. In 1986 the neighborhood officially incorporated as the city of Solana Beach.

The community of Eden Gardens , is one of the oldest neighborhoods areas of Solana Beach, It was a community formed in the 1920s by Mexican farmers who were worked large ranches in Rancho Santa Fe. These farmers wanted their families close by, so the formation of La Colonia.  The name Eden Gardens came later from a land developer who thought it would be a good marketing tool.  Many locals still refer to the area as La Colonia.

Solana Beach is served by the Solana Beach School District and the San Dieguito Union High School District.  Over 13,000 residents call this mall beach community their home. The Pacific Ocean is to the west; the City of Encinitas to the north, and the City of Del Mar to the south. The unincorporated village of Rancho Santa Fe is located on the east side.

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