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Rancho Santa Fe is located in San Diego County, California, United States.  The population was 3,252 in a recent census survey. At $245,631, it is one of the most expensive income neighborhoods in the U.S. with over 1,000 homes.  The CDP is mainly single family homes with a shopping avenue and several private schools, and single family residential communities located on large properties.

Rancho Santa Fe has many forced architectural codes an can be represented by several attempts from locals better upon or build new homes.  The United States Postal Service also calls the entire 92067 and entire 92091 ZIP codes “Rancho Santa Fe”.  Rancho Santa Fe was reported as having the third most expensive ZIP code in the United States by Forbes magazine, and most expensive in California, with an average residence sale price of $2,585,000.

Downtown is centrally located around the intersection of Linea del Cielo/Paseo Delicias and La Granada/Via de Santa Fe. It is the location of the a library, a school, offices of financial firms, restaurants, and small stores.

In 1906, the Santa Fe Railway grew eucalyptus trees for timber to use for the railroad at the Rancho San Dieguito that constitutes current day Rancho Santa Fe. During that time 93% of the land was privately owned, but the balance of the acreage was divided between a number of separate owners.

Rancho Santa Fe was popular between World War I and World War II, especially during the building of the Del Mar Racetrack. Bing Crosby the actor is given credit as an local resident, he would host annual clambakes on the golf course at the Club house. Today it is the luxury tract home development  called The Crosby Estates stands on the site of his former estate.

Rancho Santa Fe was the neighborhood hit the hardest during the 2007 Witch Creek fire.  Hundreds of homes, many estimated worth in the millions, demolished to the ground as firefighters had trouble reaching the more wild areas with fire rapidly moving because of the strong Santa Ana winds. Many entire communities within the neighborhood were lost in the fire due to the older, mature and diseased Red Gum Eucalyptus trees which contributed to the flames.

Other small parcels were built including the original lands owned by the Mexican settlers in that location, the Osuna family who where the recipients of a Mexican Land Grant under Mexican rule of California called “Rancho San Dieguito”.  In 1922 a survey showed that the new property Company owned 8,796.23 acres.

A Presbyterian Church called The Village Church, was built in 1956 and is situated east of the Village. Rancho Santa Fe has one Catholic Church called the Church of the Nativity, built in 1985.

Rancho Sante Fe hosted the equestrian Summer Olympics in 1984. Rancho Santa Fe’s public library is a branch of the San Diego County Library system, it is open to all California residents. The Rancho Santa Fe Library society owns the building and land that is home to the Rancho Santa Fe Library, and provides the staff for the kids room.

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