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Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernardo is situated in the Rancho San Bernardo Mexican land grant established in 1842.

In the 1960s, Rancho Bernardo real estate came into possession of incorporation with the approval of the AVCO Community Developers.

The Witch Creek Fire on October 22, 2007, burned through Rancho Bernardo and many other populated parts of San Diego County, demolishing and burning hundreds of houses, and entirely demolishing many entire neighborhoods, especially ones that firefighters had trouble reaching because of rugged land and fast growing flames pushed by heavy Santa Ana winds.  The communities of the Trails, Westwood and Montelena were areas
Carlsbad in Rancho Bernardo.

The terrain of Rancho Bernardo is made of canyons and hills. It is a growing community, with golf courses, shopping malls, and offices typical of San Diego real estate.

The community is situated next to Rancho Santa Fe, about 20 miles north east of downtown San Diego, north of Carmel Mountain Ranch, northwest of the city of Poway and south of Escondido.

RB Alive  is an annual street fair, during the summer. Rancho Bernardo is home to the oldest winery in Southern California, the Bernardo Winery founded in 1889 and family owned and operated since 1927.  The area is part of the Poway Unified School District.

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