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Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa is an ample suburb neighborhood that is part of the city of San Diego, California.

A recent study in 2000 counted: 23.3% of the population was Hispanic or Latino, American/Black 16.9%, Asian/Pacific Islander  41.2%,  White 33.4%, African, Native American 0.35.

Mira Mesa has around 80,000 residents,  families, as well as students,  employees, and single people.  Over 23,000  houses in the neighborhood, are averaging 3.09 persons per household. The average age is of 32 years of age.

Built in the 1950s as a residential place to endorse U.S. Navy Air Station, Miramar,  Mira Mesa has expanded into the biggest neighborhood in San Diego County.

Mira Mesa is near by the freeway 805 in the west, freeway 15 in the east, Los Peñasquitos Canyon in the north, the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in  the south. Sorrento Valley area of businesses and technology is a large employer and is situated in the end of Mira Mesa.

During World War II the place today named Mira Mesa, was used by the  U.S. Army as a test area.  West of Interstate 15   was a Navy auxiliary landing strip that was called Hourglass Field because  the design of the strip was a single piece of asphalt in the shape of an hourglass.   The U.S. Navy also used use the nearby location as a bombing site.

Since its birth, Mira Mesa was influenced by the U.S. military situated in  close-by NAS Miramar. Mira Mesa was the northernmost “real neighborhood” in San Diego,  and was divided from the rest of San Diego by the NAS Miramar for a lot of years. For about  30 years the Navy’s Top Gun School was situated there and many of the pilots made   Mira Mesa their home.

In 1969 there was a home expansion in the area that now broadens to the I-15  freeway in the East to I-805 in the West and is around 10,500 acres.   Hourglass field airport became the location of the San Diego Miramar College and the Hourglass Field Community Park.    The area was built so fast that it didn’t have any schools, shopping malls, or services for its many locals.

In the late 1990s,  Mira Mesa area has gone through a lot growth to  adapt the thousands of new locals appealed by its ideal area  close to major freeways, and its close to Downtown San Diego.

Mira Mesa has a large sum of Filipino and Vietnamese residents that many locals started  calling the community “Manila Mesa”.

There is many ethnic gourmet cuisines and restaurants also many traditional dining.   There are eight neighborhood parks, swimming complex, shopping centers,  an ice arena, and movie theater.  The neighborhood has commercial and residential areas, supplying shopping and  activities options as well as business development with hi-tech businesses and office locations.

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