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Downtown San Diego is surrounded by the San Diego Bay to the west and southwest, Sherman Heights, Middle town, Bankers Hill, and Balboa Park to the north, and Barrio Logan and Logan Heights to the southeast, and Golden Hills to the east.

Downtown San Diego was originally planned to be in Old Town.   William Heath Davis and some of his partners purchased 160 acres of  land in Downtown San Diego  in 1850, thinking that a city near to the bay would appeal to more trade. A street plan was made they constructed a pier and warehouse, but not much bring of their thought out plan.

Downtown San Diego, also known to as Centre City, is the center of San Diego business district.  It is also the financial and cultural center of San Diego. Centre City San Diego had a population of 28,586 in 2004 according to a U.S. Census report.

Alonzo Horton purchased 800 acres of pueblo lands in the present day Downtown location in 1867.  Also in 1869 he purchased Davis’s 160 acres and added to his holdings.  The location was named after Hortons Addition. Davis’s wharf had deteriorated by then, Horton then realized that location was still a great location for a harbor.   Horton established a new pier at the end of Fifth Ave. in 1869. Horton smartly sold  the property and gave free land to market new development of that location, stimulating the very first San Diego’s many real estate sale increases. People gathered to that location, that was called New Town, because of that locations better reach to shipping.   Government documents were transferred to a new county courthouse building in New Town in 1871.   New Town was completly over-shadowed by Old Town,  as the heart of the growing city by the 1880s.

The railroad reached San Diego in 1885.  In 1887, the Santa Fe railway station opened its doors in downtown.  That train station was succeeded in 1915 by the Downtown  landmark Union Station which is still in use.  The Town’s first electric  lights and first streetcars were being used in New Town In 1886. The Spreckels  Theater opened its door’s in downtown in 1912 , the very first contemporary commercial playhouse in the West.   A new commercial dock, in 1913 the Broadway Pier  was built.

Currently mayors and city councils have talked about building a new city hall, but no replacement plans has been approved as of yet.  The several story  building City Hall and Community Concourse were devoted  a four block square property at 202 C Street in 1964.

Centre City began to collapse into a state of discouragement and dissuasion in the 1960s.   Major businesses and shops left from downtown to the suburbia’s shopping mall.   Downtown was to be known as the hangout for homeless people, criminals and sailors.   Bars, strip clubs and Tattoo parlors were the main businesses in the area.  Gaslamp Quarters was littered in trash, a lot of the 19th century Victorian homes were rundown, torn and there a lot of buildings of large size one of the tallest building at the time was the fourteen story tall and locally famous El Cortez Apartment Hotel.

Redevelopment structure of ideas were brought for downtown in 1975.  Downtown went under massive redevelopment with the building of Horton Plaza in 1985, the revival of the Gaslamp
Quarter, and the building of the new San Diego Convention Center. Petco Park,  a baseball park currently used by the San Diego Padres, opened its doors in 2004.  The San Diego International Airport is located northwest of downtown.

The downtown area is belongs to the San Diego City School District.  Washington Elementary  School is located in the downtown area, Roosevelt Middle School and San Diego High School are in the Balboa Park section.

Downtown events include the Big Bay Balloon Parade, held together with the Holiday Bowl, the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade and Festival, the Parade of Lights featuring holiday decorated boats on the Bay, the San Diego Street Scene, Mardi Gras,  ComicCon, Earth Day Festival, Farmer’s Market, Little Italy Art Festival, Red Bull Annual Air Races, Fourth of July Bay Fireworks, among other festivities.

The home of the San Diego Opera is the Civic Theatre in the Community Concourse is well known for its traveling shows from around the world. The San Diego Symphony is based at the Copley Symphony Hall, it is a restored movie palace located on 7th Avenue firstly established in 1929 by Fox Theater. Since 1912, the Spreckels Theater located on 1st and Broadway, has been in regular operation.  It hosts local and traveling live shows and productions. Built in 1924, the Balboa Theatre, opened  back its doors in 2008 after long periods of restoration as a location for live
entertainment. The Spreckles and also the Balboa theaters are published on the National Register of Historic Places of the U.S. Some other theaters in  downtown are the Lyceum located in Horton Plaza, it sponsors the San Diego Repertory Theatre and also art shows and concerts, and the Sledgehammer Theater.  Seaport Village and The Horton Plaza shopping and restaurants in the Gaslamp attract thousands of tourist as well as locals.

Over 220 cruise ships during the year call the cruise ship terminal home.   A ferry connects passengers to downtown San Diego and Coronado, the San Diego Bay harbor tour guides depart from Harbor Drive located by the bay.

The Columbia is a waterfront community in downtown San Diego, it sponsors the Midway aircraft  carrier ship museum, headlined by the Star of India, and also has eight ships and boats from the San Diego  Maritime Museum.

Downtown San Diego area has many important sites that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some include:

Eagles Hall at 733 Eighth Street
The Panama Hotel at 105 West F Street
The Alfred Haines House at 2470 E Street
The Pythias Lodge Building at 211 E Street and 870 Third Avenue
The U.S. courthouse at 325 West F Street
The John Ginty House at 1568 Ninth Avenue
The Walker Scott Building and Owl Drug Building at 1014 Fifth Avenue and 402 Broadway
The El Cortez Apartment Hotel at 702 Ash Street
The Hawthorne Inn at 2121 First Avenue
The Horton Grand Hotel at 332 F Street
The Gaslamp Quarter Historic District
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows building at 526 Market Street
The Medico-Dental Building at 233 A Street
The McClintock Storage Warehouse at 1202 Kettner Boulevard
The Balboa Theatre at 868 Fourth Avenue
The Armed Services YMCA at 500 West Broadway
The Spreckels Theater at 121 Broadway
The San Diego Rowing Club building at 535 East Harbor Drive
The San Diego Trust and Savings Bank building at 530 Broadway
The U.S. post office at 815 E Street
Santa Fe Depot at 1050 Kettner Street
The U.S. Grant Hotel at 326 Broadway
The Star of India and the Berkeley, historic ships berthed at the B Street Pier in downtown
The Robert E. Lee Hotel at 815 Third Avenue and 314 F Street
The former City of San Diego police headquarters, jail, and courts at 801 Market Street

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