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Coronado, well known as Coronado Island, is an wealthy city in San Diego County, 5.1 miles from downtown San Diego. on a recent survey, the population was 24,100.  U.S. News and World Report lists Coronado as one of the highest priced places to live in the U.S. Coronado is on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a 10-mile strip of land called the Silver Strand. Residents  call Coronado The Island or Coronado Island, and they call the core living and business area as “The Village”.  “The crowned one” is spanish for Coronado, thus the nickname “The Crown City”.

The city is a major resort destination since 1888 with the opening of the Hotel Del Coronado. In 1900 a vacation area just south of the Hotel del Coronado was founded by John D. Spreckels and called Tent City. Over the years the tents made way to cottages, the last of which was torn down in late 1940.

According a U.S. recent study, the city has a total area of 7.7 mi²; 32.7 mi²; if the city is land and  24.9 mi² of it 76.36% is water.

Originally Coronado was divided from North Island by a shallow channel named the Spanish Bight. The building of North Island by the U.S. Navy before World War II led to the filling of the Bight, joining the land areas into a single body. The Navy still uses the Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI or “North Island”) on Coronado. On the southern side of town is Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, it is a training center for Navy SEALs.  Both of the facilities are part of the larger Base Coronado building.

The San Diego Coronado Bridge was opened in 1969, allowing much faster traffic between the towns than bay ferries or driving via Route 75 along the Silver Strand. The city of Coronado is currently thinking the options of more construction on Route 75 to alleviate traffic flows to and from San Diego and North Island.

Coronado is home to the famous Hotel del Coronado, built in 1888 and long thought to be one of the world’s top resorts. It is named as a National Historic Landmark and have been in films such as “Some Like It Hot” and “The Stunt Man”. Many presidents have also visited,including William Howard Taft, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush. The historic hotel has had many important guests, including Muhammad Ali, Magic Johnson, Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Jack Dempsey, and Charles Lindbergh.

The Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz was allegedly inspired by “The Del”.  Author L. Frank Baum was able to see the hotel from his front porch overlooking Star Park. Because of some reports association with Oz, Coronado is associated with the color green and is referred to as “The Emerald City”. The Coronado High colors are green and white, the flag of Coronado city, a tricolor of green-white-green with a crown in the middle, and a local surf and skate shop is named Emerald City.

Tourism is an important part of Coronado’s economy. The city is home to three major resorts (Hotel Del Coronado, Loews Coronado Bay Resort, and Coronado Island Marriott) as well as many other hotels and inns. The downtown district along Orange Avenue with many custom shops, theaters and restaurants is also  a key part of the local economy. Alot of restaurants are rated highly and give a wide mixture of cuisine choices.

A very popular annual event in the city is the Coronado Flower Show, it is normally held on the third weekend of April. Since 1925 thousands of people fill Coronado to see the biggest flower show given under tents in the West. Exhibits are held inside tents by a central gazebo.

Coronado Island Sports Fiesta is supported by the Coronado Optimist Club every year. It is on July, this sports festival features a mix of races, rough-water swim, dives, and other events.

Coronado High School, Coronado Middle School (CMS), Silver Strand Elementary, and Village Elementary are part or the Coronado Unified School District. Among the private  schools are Sacred Heart Parish School and Christ Church Day School.  Coronado School of the Arts, a public school-within-a-school on the campus of Coronado High School, is also present on the island.

The Travel Channel rated Coronado Beach as the fifth best beach in America in 2008. Coronado is home to two live theaters, the Lamb’s Players Theatre and Coronado Playhouse.

Coronado was filmed in the 1960-1961 TV series COronado 9, starring Rod Cameron as a private detective, Dan Adams, who worked from the San Diego area. COronado 9 refers to Adams’ telephone exchange.

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