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Clairemont is a community in the suburbs of northern San Diego.  Clairemont also has divided communities of Clairemont Mesa East, North Clairemont and Clairemont Mesa West. It is surrounded by  Route 52 in the north, freeway 805 in the east, highway 5 in the west, and the community of Linda Vista on the south.

Clairemont was first estabished before the war building boom of the 1950s.

Clairemont was planned out in a direction facing north because of the road structure, from which North Clairemont was born.  In the western side of Clairemont, most family houses where created by Pardee homes. There are many condominiums in this location but not closely enough as much as in the eastern side. The eastern side has rows of duplexes and condos disperced within the location of east of Genesee Ave.

The towns specifics personifies a new idea in neighborhood living because it did not integrate the normal planning system of regular same blocks and roads.  Better yet, winding roads and beautiful view lots by favor the canyons and hills looking Mission Bay. The homes first built by Burgener and Tavares Construction Company, had upscaled customed home plans.   Lou Burgener and Carlos Tavares built what is San Diego’s biggest after war neighborhood in 1950. it was originally called The Village Within a City, locals started residing in Clairemont in mid 1951.

The builders gathered the enough land to build Clairemont from three primary lands: Mission Bay Heights, the Peavey Cattle Ranch, and the Tecolote Heights.

Tavares & Burgener put in $125,000 in off the street restorations including water, sewers and street access, before any houses were established in the new project, this was needed because the development that was proposed did was not next to any built locations. The first community map that used the name Clairemont for the first time was accepted, recorded by the  San Diego Count on 1950.  The map was called Clairemont Unit #1, Map #2725. This is the location in Clairemont that has Burgener Blvd., Deerpark Dr. and Grandview St. from Field St. to Jellett St.   It is also known that Clairemont is the biggest building project of its kind in the United States.

Harold Abrams, Benson Eschenbach and Richard George Wheeler are local architects that designed the 20 home plans for the first building project of 500 homes. Established in South Clairemont, these luxury homes price ranged from $13,000 – $20,000, having  big view windows, fireplaces, large floorplans, paneling, tiled bathrooms and modern kitchen cabinetry back then.  These homes sold quickly after the WWII housing shortages.

Several thousand properties had been constructed within a short time, duplexes, apartments and single family homes.   Eventhough the idea of suburb living is normal today, this idea was considered fiction and Tavares’ plan for Clairemont had hard implications for San Diego as it expanded the area boundaries and started the now well known design of integration from city to suburb.

Presently, the only land that is still available in Clairemont is the Tecolote Canyon and San Clemente Canyon. Residents gathered to save both of the canyons from builders and were assigned parks in the 1970’s.

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