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El Cajon is located in the East part of San Diego, California, USA.   El Cajon means “the drawer” in Spanish.  It is surrounded by mountains which makes it a private little valley.  According to a recent study there was 94,869 residents living in the city.  El Cajon is right next to La Mesa, Spring Valley and San Diego, it includes there neighborhoods of Fletcher Hills and Bostonia.   El Cajon has its own unique climate it is considered to have a Mediterranean climate.

El Cajon’s climate is much more extreme compared to western parts on San Diego.  The more East you go into San Diego, the more hot and dry it gets.  El Cajon is warm through the summer with an average temperature of 70.1 F.  In August, El Cajon can reach a maximum temperature of 88 F.  The average annual rain fall is about 12 in, March is the wettest month of the year averaging 2.7 in of rain.   Back in 1917, there was a record temperature high 113 F, and in 2006 there was a record low of 19 F.

El Cajon is situated on the Rancho el Cajon Mexican Land Grant established in 1845 to Miguel Pedrorena and his wife Maria Antonia Estudillo.  El Cajon was finally incorporated in 1912.  There are 34,199 households, 23,152 families living in the city, here is 35,190 housing units in El Cajon.  The average households size is 2.7 and the average family size is 3.21.  For every 200 females there is 182 males, the average age is 32 years old.  The average household income in El Cajon was $47,895 according to a study done in 2005.

Elementary schools in El Cajon include;  Arriza Elementary, Avocado Elementary, Ballantyne Elementary, Blossom Valley Elementary, Bostonia Elementary, Chase Avenue Elementary, Crest Elementary, Cuyamaca Elementary, Fletcher Hills Elementary, Flying Hills Elementary, Fuerte Elementary, Jamacha Elementary, Johnson Elementary, Lexington Elementary, Literacy First Charter School, Madison Elementary, Magnolia Elementary, Meridian Elementary, Naranca Elementary, Pepper Drive Elementary, W.D. Hall Elementary, Rios Elementary, Vista Grande Elementary, Rancho San Diego Elementary, Northmont Elementary.   Middle Schools in El Cajon include;  Cajon Valley Middle School, Emerald Middle School, Greenfield Middle School, Hillsdale Middle School, Los Coches Creek Middle School and Montgomery Middle School.  Highs Schools in El Cajon include; Chaparral High School, Christian High School, El Cajon Valley High School, Granite Hills High School, Valhalla High School and Grossmont High School.  El Cajon also has its own small airplane airport called Gillespie Field Airport.

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