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Bonita, CA  is located at 32°39’30″N 117°02’07″W.  Bonita is an unincorporated city in San Diego, California, USA.  It is located between the cities of National City, Chula Vista, and San Diego.   According to a U.S. Census, Bonita has an area of 13.2 km² .  12.7 km² of it is mass land and 0.5 km² is water.

Coyote,  racoon, rabbits, fox, opossum, skunk and squirrels and , among other wildlife are also local residents of Bonita.
Bonita is also associated with the Lower Sweetwater Valley. The city of Bonita expands a five mile  corridor of the Sweetwater Riverand and its valley, as well as its borderingmountain hills, connected to the Sweetwater Reservoir in the east, and west of the 805 freeway.

Several comunities in the city of Bonita include:  Bonita Downs, Bonita Woods Park, Bonita Verde Estates, Emerald Ranch, Bonita Fairways, Ames Ranch, Bonita Glen,  Bonita Highlands, Bonita Long Canyon, Bonita Woods, and Lynwood Hills.

Bonita is located in the 36th and 40th Senate District in the state legislature, it is represented by Democrat Denise Moreno Ducheny and , Republican Dennis Hollingsworth and in the 78th and 79th Assembly District, it is represented by Democrat Mary Salas and Republican Shirley Horton  respectively.  Bonita is located in California’s 51st congressional district, Federally. It is a Cook PVI of D +7, and is represented by Democrat Bob Filner.

The Sweetwater Dam was built in 1888, making the Sweetwater Reservoir and changing geographically forever  the area and land. In 1906, the dam broke because of the heavy rains that over-fled the Dam, making the Lower Sweetwater Valley flood completely.   The Bonita Historical Museum is the main collection of historical informationof the Lower Sweetwater Valley.

In the late 1990s,  the Bonita Road and Willow Road crossings bridges were built, because of the river crossing and floodings.
Bonita experiences small floodings throughoutthe seasons, moslty because of seasonal rains, etc.

The weather in Bonita is a mix of coast and inland valley weathers of the city of San Diego. Bonita is warmer  than other places near San Diego Bay or the coast, but it is not as hot as the inland valleys like El Centro or ecloseby Spring Valley.

The following schools belong to the local Bonita neighborhood:  Southwestern College, Bonita Vista High School, Bonita Vista Middle School, Ella B. Allen Elementary School, Sunnyside Elementary School, Tiffany Elementary School, and Valley Vista Elementary School.

Many residents walk, run, and ride the Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course in central Bonita trail every day for leasure and fitness, and has become a way of lifestyle for many local residents. Bonita is a hidden jewel for equestrian enclave in the middle of country and suburbs.

The following parks belong to the Bonita neighborhood:  Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course, Bonita Golf Course, Fred H. Rohr Park, Sweetwater Regional Park, Sweetwater County Park, and Sweetwater Reservoir Riding and Hiking Trail.

Bonita celebrates an annual community event called Bonitafest,with a parade and street fair in Bonita Road thathss music, crafts, entertainment, food, etc.

There are 12,401 people, and 4,179 households, with 3,397 families living in Bonita.  The racial makeup of Bonita is  0.56% Native American, 3.11% African American, 4.84% from two or more races, 71.99% White,  8.54% Asian, 0.31% Pacific Islander,  30.47% Hipanics, and 10.64% from other races.

There are 4,179 private homes were 66.4% are married couples living in one home, 35.3% have children under 18 years old. For every 200 woman there is 184.4 men.

The median income as of 2007 for a household in the CDP was $92,046. Males had a median income of $60,495 versus $40,653 for females. The per capita income for Bonita is $61,131. About 2.1% of families and 3.7% of the population were below the poverty line, including 2.2% of those under age 18 and 2.0% of those age 65 or over.

Bonita is primarily served by three elementary K-6 schools in Chula Vista Elementary School District: Ella B. Allen, Sunnyside, and Valley Vista. As of 2007-08 school year, 1291 students were enrolled in these schools; their combined demographic makeup was 54.1% Hispanic, 23.5% non-Hispanic White, 5.7% Filipino, 3.8% African American, 1.5% Asian, 1.2% Native American, 0.8% Pacific Islander. 9.4% belonged to multiple races or declined to state the race.

Like many communities in the Southwestern United States, Bonita could go through the process of hispanicization. According to 2008 SANDAG estimates, between 2000 and 2008, the number of Whites in Bonita went down 8%, and the number of Blacks went down 17%. At the same time, Hispanic population in the community grew by 26%. Hispanics now constitute the majority of population of Bonita in all age cohorts under 40; they are far outnumbered (by a factor of 2 or more) in age cohorts over 50.

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